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One of the most obvious but harder parts of research is researching and breaking down the topic. Consider these questions when conducting your research:
● What is the problem? How does it affect your country?
● What has your country done to combat the problem?
● What are the various sides in the debate?
● Which aspects of the issue are most important to your country?
● If your country is not active with the issue, in what other aspects can they be involved?
● How will your country shape the debate at the conference?
● What arguments will other countries make?
● How do the positions of other countries affect your country’s position?
● Is there evidence or are there statistics that might help to back up your country’s position?

Finding information on issues:
● Check on the UN Economic and Social Development page, which has an index to some prominent issues as well as a list of UN agencies that work in various issue areas. Also, through the United Nations Documentation Centre you can find resolutions and voting records from current and previous years.
● Visit Non – Governmental Organizations (NGOs) websites that address your topic
● Read academic publications.

It is also important for you to break down your topic into subsections and different aspects so that it would be easier for you to get a more holistic understanding of the topic. Creating mind maps of the topics and the subtopics might also be of great help.

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