Aid Transparency Index

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[pdf_attachment file=”1″ name=”Aid Transparency Index 2016″]
Aid transparency helps in three ways. It gives government officials better information to help them allocate resources. It gives civil society better information so they may hold government to account. And it helps people everywhere who care about development to share and learn from their experiences. This report looks into how countries provide and handle the aid that is provided to them and the transparency involved in the distribution of the aid and the proper allocation of resources to the mos needed areas as well as the levels of corruption and lack of transparency in the public sector that deals with said aid. This report could be used as a foundation by delegates to research on how aid transparency in their respective country is and how aid flow occurs in different regions of the world.However, it should be noted that this index, like many other reports from NGO’s, is no recognized by all states therefore the use of this as evidence must be done with caution.

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