Lusaka Deceleration

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Even though the UN resolutions and global treaties on racism such as the CERD are well known the Lusaka Deceleration of the commonwealth is lesser known, The Lusaka Declaration on the Commonwealth on Racism and Racial Prejudice (short: the Lusaka Declaration) was a declaration of the Commonwealth of Nations on the issues of racism and egalitarianism within and between Commonwealth member states. It was agreed and issued on 7 August 1979 in Lusaka, Zambia, at the conclusion of the fifth Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM).
The declaration followed the 1971 Singapore Declaration, which laid out the first political, social, and economic membership criteria. In that document, three paragraphs were dedicated to egalitarianism of all forms, of which, one was concentrated entirely upon racism. The impending collapse of the breakaway government of Rhodesia (then styled as ‘Zimbabwe Rhodesia’ under the Internal Settlement) was seen as demanding a restatement of the Commonwealth’s principles of racial equality, and so the Lusaka Declaration was made to further expound and clarify the Heads of Governments’ position.

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