LISMUN 2016 – Workshop and Practice Debate

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b0579e60-2b48-4887-8485-e2d2b9d40dd7Weeks of hard work finally paid off, with the workshop and practice debate for LISMUN 2016 held on the 4th of December at the Lyceum Nugegoda premises.

The inaugural event for LISMUN 2016 witnessed a staggering 100+ delegates from a wide array of schools, including Holy Family Convent, Stafford International, Museus College, Royal Institute and The British School in Colombo.

The day began with a short workshop at the Aeolian Hall. After the Secretary General, Ravindu Wijesinghe, delivered his opening address, we moved onto the introduction of the chairs and committees for LISMUN, along with the introduction of the committee topics.

The committees that will be simulated at LISMUN 2016 include a myriad of mandates, and an equally diverse set of topics. They include :

  1. First General Assembly – Disarmament and Security.
  2. Fourth General Assembly- Special Political and Decolonisation
  3. United Nations Human Rights Council
  4. Economic and Social Council
  5. Arab League
  6. International Court of Justice
  7. Security Council


The introduction of GA4 is a first for LISMUN, as is the International Court of Justice. The key intention for the introduction of such committees was to prepare delegates to adapt to the more high tier committees easily.

Once all was done, the Secretary General discussed procedural and other conference related matters and, soon afterwards, was the highlight of the day – the practice debate.


The first and fourth General Assemblies were merged for this practice debate and discussed a common topic – on nuclear safeguards. The committee saw plenty of intense debate and a variety of angles of the topic were discussed, considering the expanded mandate of this merged GA.


The atmosphere at the UNHRC was just  electric from the moment committee session began. One may think that the discussion of LGBT rights seems to encompass a lot of toned-dowf88bcf79-eef0-4144-8b91-946f70570215n, mild debate. But, it was certainly not the case. The delegates of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Korea kept on firing back to back blows to each other. However, the vast majority of the committee present was actively involved in debate. The same could be said for ECOSOC and Security Council, where delegates passionately debated on the effects of hyperinflation and the situation in Yemen, respectively.

The International Court of Justice, tucked on a far end of the school buildings, however, was intense beyond imagination. Most of the delegates and judges present, all of them first time taking part in a legal committee, quickly adapted to th
e special procedures of the committee and were actively involved in debate. Although the discussion of the issue in Abkhazia and South Ossetia might seem daunting to some, the delegates and judges did not seem to think so.


After lunch, all committees moved into the discussion of resolutions (

, in the case of the ICJ) prepared by them during the day. However, some delegates were in for quite a surprise. The Security Council decided to witness and take part in the discussion of the resolutions made by the Human Rights Council, thus a heated Intercomm session ensued. After a long, heated debate, the delegates of the Human Rights and Security Councils thought that they had been granted a respise and that they were done for the day. But, it was far from over.

Another Intercomm session followed, this time with the aforementioned two councils and the ICJ, where the latter presented their advisory opinions, to be further examined in terms of humanitarian and security aspects, by the two councils.828b10d0-e2cc-4637-ab8d-79b28a084946

After another heated discussion, the ICJ was able to put forth a well balanced opinion on the issue of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

While all these intercomm sessions were underway, the other committees were actively involved in the discussion of their resolutions and putting forth solutions to the problems at hand.

The long day had at last, but unfortunately, come to an end and the first signs of dusk were appearing as committee sessions were adjourned. LISMUN 2016 was kicked off with a phenomenal start.


Stay tuned for more updates on the conference itself!

(To be held from 17th to 19th of December at Lyceum Nugegoda)

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