The Executive Committee of LISMUN 2016

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As with any other conference, a competent and capable executive committee is key to an unforgettable MUN conference. And, LISMUN 2016 is no different. With a highly skilled team of students, LISMUN 2016 would be nothing short of an amazing experience.

Presenting the Executive Committee of LISMUN 2016.

The Secretariat
b5ceb7e3-25ea-4a52-9fa4-3b27214572c9             Secretary General – Ravindu Wijesinghe
czc           Under-Secretary General – Nisumi Grero
df            Head of Administration – Yasheen Peiris
sd            Head of Finance and Logistics – Thisaru Gunasekara
b70c18b5-a243-45f0-a3df-f335c56d17c4            President of the General Assembly – Steven Ferdinands

And, now, for the heart of soul of any MUN, the catalysts that ensure that debate is engaging, and of the highest calibre – The Committee Chairs

The First General Assembly – Disarmament and Security (DISEC)
x            Vice President –  Inuja Aluwihare
f52f9b98-4557-4e60-b3bc-fc2b399dd4c2            Chair – Seth Ganepola


The Fourth General Assembly – Special Political and Decolonisation (SPECPOL)
xxx           Vice President – Lakindu Dissanayake
9fc5a425-2a0b-4d14-9c22-e250a28a1928           Chair – Sahas Renuja
d5822649-74d5-43ad-b40f-74ada595caae          Moderator – Ruqaiyah Shabeen



  United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)
        President – Abdullah Zameek
35d08e45-f1e1-4c51-8290-169a77052025         Vice President – Daniella Perera



Economic And Social Council(ECOSOC)
3ed7e9d1-deee-4236-babf-eb4079e38844        President – Lakmith Dias
1eaf2ac1-ed58-4343-ae9f-191d9b806cc9        Vice President – Chayu Damsinghe



Arab League
zczx          President – Damiru Siriwardana
0d724820-239b-4163-aac1-5680ad83f48c          Vice President – Akshaya Jayakarunakaran



United Nations Security Council (UNSC)
zvx          President – Maneth Kulatunge
1b8bce24-2325-4d1e-9eae-2b2ec17e803e         Vice President – Paramee Silva



International Court of Justice (ICJ)
q-49a          President – Nikin Matharaarachchi
7805f31e-e881-42fd-8a79-f3f278c89b4f          Vice President – Niroshnee Ranjan



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