Foreign Policy Statements

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Creating Foreign Policy Statements (FPS) is a vital part in a conference as it sets the stage for all your research.

The paper should include a brief introduction and a comprehensive breakdown of the country’s position on the topics being discussed in the committee. An excellent FPS includes:
● A brief introduction to the country and its history regarding the topic/UN body

● The country’s background on the topic

● Political and foreign policy

● Action taken by the government in relation to the topic

● Resolutions, conventions and declarations that the country supports

● Quotes taken from speeches made by heads of government

● Statistics regarding the issue

● Country’s recommendation for the resolution for the topic.


Attached here are two well made Foreign Policy Statements provided to us by Natalia Newton. Use them as a basis to learn how to improve your FPS writing skills.

[pdf_attachment file=”1″ name=”FPS 1″]

[pdf_attachment file=”3″ name=”FPS 2″]


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