Breaking Down “Diplomacy 101”

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Okay, so now that you’ve heard of this pioneering workshop it’s time to find out exactly what all the hype is about.
Diplomacy 101 is essentially like any other 101 course, except with a local twist. (You’ll see why in a bit).

So, basically, you’re gonna learn the art of being a MUNer, gain valuable insights on the different facets of MUN like never before and you’ll walk out as a diplomat armed with the skills to take on the world of debate and discourse.
And, who’s better to teach you the ways of being a successful MUNer than the very best in the arena? We present to you a panel like never seen before, a group of mentors who can help you realise your true potential.


(From the top-left)

Minesh Fernando
Venuri Kalinga
Akhila Randeniya
Thanuki Goonesinghe
Minul Muhandiramge
Buddhi Ranasighe
Natalya Newton
Lakmith Dias

And, I did mention a local twist, didn’t I?

The panel decided that the workshop wouldn’t be a proper success unless we discuss an issue that is pertinent to the context of our daily lives, here in Sri Lanka.

The common theme adopted for the workshop would be – Reconcilation and its mechanisms, with special emphasis on Sri Lanka.

Not only do we wish to see the participants gain valuable knowledge on the art of diplomacy, but we also wish for them to gain a deeper insight into a highly persistent issue that plagues our motherland. After all, the first step to building a brighter future and a stable country is to empower and raise awareness amongst the youth.

Therefore, we hope you wouldn’t miss out on this elusive opportunity to build up your skills and awareness of highly pertinent issues that we face today. So, join hands with us, as we unite together towards a better tomorrow.

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