Diplomacy 101 – Bringing Together the Sri Lankan MUN Community

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Model United Nations has seen a rapid boom in popularity among Sri Lankan high school students over the past few years.

However, the lack of training and access to experienced personal has proven to be a major setback to many aspiring MUNers and upcoming schools. Ultimately, this leads to the inability of students to realize their potential in the MUN arena.

For this reason, on the 22nd of January 2016, the MUNation team decided to bring together a panel of well versed, experienced MUNers to pass on their expertise to new and upcoming delegates in a pioneering workshop titled, “Diplomacy 101”.

The workshop saw an audience from a wide spectrum of levels of experience – some of whom had been to at least a single conference, while others were yet to make their debut in the MUN circuit.

The day kicked off with an ice-breaker session, whereby the members of the audience became familiar with one another and the eliminate any forms of animosity and nervousness in the atmosphere.

Thereon after, the proceedings went on with a well structured, comprehensive agenda to make Model UN matters easy to grasp for all those who attended.
Furthermore, the common theme adopted for the vast majority of the day was “Reconciliation measures and mechanisms, with emphasis on Sri Lanka” – a topic that is of great local relevance and something that is easily understood.

The proceedings went on as follows

1) The UN System and Powers and Functions of Core UN Organs and Committees – Conducted by Minul Muhandiramge

2) Rules of Procedure – Conducted by Thanuki Goonesinghe

3) Short Open Debate on the Theme Topic

4) How to Research and Research Tips – Conducted by Minesh Fernando

5) Conventions, Declarations and International Law – Conducted by Akhila Randeniya

6) How to write a Foreign Policy Statement – Conducted by Natalia Newton.

7) Topic Breakdowns and Moderated Caucasus – Conducted by Venuri Kalinga

8) Resolution Writing – Conducted by Lakmith Dias

9) Social Impact and Relevance of Model UN – Conducted by Buddhi Ranasinghe.

Throughout the day, the segment were made as interactive and engaging as possible, in order to facilitate interest in the different concepts being explained.

The attendees found the experience to be most stimulating and informing, and found themselves better equipped to march into the Model UN Arena.

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